Sunday, December 27, 2009


Well, Christmas 2009 has come and gone- way too quick if you ask me. Although it has been extremely busy, we have had the most wonderful time! We were able to spend Christmas Eve with my in-laws. It was a whole day of playing and grazing- very laid back and relaxing. That night we came home and my MIL and FIL came to spend the night with us. Christmas morning started about 8:30 a.m. My kiddos tried to start at 6:30, but I told them I would return their gifts if they didn't go back to sleep. (I know, I know I am a wonderful mother- I hear it all the time. hehe) Around lunch, the in-laws left to see the other grandkids and we got things together to head to my parents. The day was so enjoyable!! An awesome steak and seafood dinner, a wonderful story from Paw Paw before presents, and 8 kids all playing with their new toys the rest of the day into the evening. Ahhhhh- life is good. I just really wished it lasted a little longer.

I have already taken down everything Christmas- not because I am a scrooge, but I want to start a new school year with a clean house and most things caught up- not behind. Hubby has been at the hunt club since Saturday morning. The kiddos have all had playdates and spend the night friends (as I speak I have 2 extra boys sleeping down the hall), and all is well. I really hope to get the energy to paint the kitchen tomorrow (or the next day). It really needs to be done.

I hope to get some pics of Christmas posted soon- until then, I hope everyone has a super New Year planned!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

not me Monday!

Did you have one of those days (weeks, months)? This carnival was created by Mckmama to help us vent a little, feel encouraged that we are not alone, and save us all the expense of professional therapy!

As the Christmas break draws near- we are NOT getting lazy with school, sleeping until 9 or 10 o'clock, and staying in our PJ's until lunch (or later). I am NOT counting down the days until I have 2 weeks to re-group for a new year.

This past weekend, when our goal was to install our new range, I did not allow our kiddos to decorate a gingerbread house mostly unsupervised and eat more of the candy than they decorated with just to have a few extra moments of time to think.

The range we were attemping to install had NOT been sitting in our garage for over a year. It has NOT taken us that long to finish our kitchen. I have NOT been without 2 major appliances for several months- who does that??

When trying to clean up the kitchen, our upstairs bathroom toilet did NOT flood the bathroom and hallway. The water did NOT fill a light fixture on the main floor and water was NOT leaking out of the moulding from the first floor.

20 minutes after said flooding, when trying once more to clean the kitchen, a connection from under the kitchen sink did NOT come loose only to flood the kitchen floor and other cabinets. Because the adults were NOT freaking out, the kids did NOT start freaking out as well.

Once the chaos had again been calmed, and supper was served, I tried cleaning the kitchen-again. When draining the water from the sink, another pipe did NOT come loose only to flood the floor again!!! I mean seriously- things like this do NOT happen around here!!

Sunday, after church, it was NOT me who sat on her bum by the fire all day enjoying a quiet birthday. It was NOT my hubby that worked all afternoon (still) on the range that had still not been installed.

Finally, it IS me who is loving her hubby more than ever for working so hard to get the appliances back in to the kitchen for my birthday!! (And I only wish I had the pictures to show!!)

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Do you like surprises? I love the kind of surprises that come unexpectedly and brightens my day without cause. The little surprise word or gesture from my hubby, a sweet card in the mail from a good friend, or the random act of love from one of my kiddos (the kind that really shows a mom she is doing something right). Who doesn't love those kind of surprises?

I was on the receiving end of some random surprises today. I was greeted this morning with a big kiss from my 7 year old, and the words "I love you mommy" even before I opened my eyes. My in-laws came today and brought me a homemade birthday cake and gift. My daughter willingly did the dishes for me since my back has been killing me for days. My hubby started the day with the goal of installing our new range in the kitchen (I have been without a range for about 9 months). While here, my mother in-law cleaned, and my father in-law worked diligently helping my hubby with the stove. Ahhhh- such sweet acts and thoughts.

How about the surprises that happen which cause sudden chaos and a rise of your stress levels? How do feel about those? Yeah, I know what you are thinking- I am not a fan either. Unfortunately, we had our share of those today as well. After a few loud "popping" noises while trying to hook up the stove, that project was put on hold for a professional. Not long after, while I was attempting to wash dishes, my T man came to tell me the upstairs bathroom was flooding- and boy was he ever right!! Nothing a shop vac and all of our beach towels (and most of our regular towels) couldn't handle. A few minutes later I was back to washing dishes when I heard a loud sound and almost immediately felt wet. Yep- the line under the sink where the dishwasher line attaches came off. I sent kids scattering off in different directions. One for towels, one to turn off the main water, another to get the shop vac from upstairs, and one to find Big Daddy to figure what in the world was going on!! In the meantime we realized the water from the upstairs bath was seeping through mouldings and light fixtures on the first floor. Things really went nuts. We decided to disperse our kiddos to neighbors until things were a little better under control.

Its not long before things settle down, we make supper, collect our children, and preceed to have a wonderful steak dinner. For dessert? The mouthwatering homemade Caramel cake with my kiddos singing "Happy Birthday" to me. Not a surprise, but bliss all the same. After dinner, I decide to let out the water I had used to wash dishes and guess what?!?! Another flood!!!!!!

Seriously- the pipe came loose from the sink and the water was just emptying under the sink!! We managed to find the last 2 towels that somehow missed the first two tsunamis and was quickly able to get the last attempt on my sanity cleaned up. The water managed to make it into another cabinet, so we currently have fans running to dry things up while we slumber tonight.

Before my in-laws left tonight, my sweet MIL kept telling me how amazed she was that I was so calm through all the insanity. I let her go on for awhile before I felt the need to confess that I had taken a muscle relaxer earlier to help with the back pain!!!
I must say- it worked like a charm!! Not much back pain- and my muscles were most certainly relaxed!

So that is my day of surprises- and it was enough for awhile. I hope.

Friday, December 11, 2009

HP Giveaway

There is a wonderful giveaway for an HP Touchsmart computer going on. I really didn't want to share this, because I want to win, but share I will.

If you want to check it out go over to for the official rules and other ways you can earn chances to win!!

But of course if you aren't interested in this and really WANT ME to win, well that's alright too. Of course I am kidding - a little.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

just maybe

The other day, I took the kiddos out to make an effort at a Christmas card picture. We didn't get one made last year, so I wanted to make sure we had one this year. Just for information- this is not usually an enjoyable or easy task and we ususally only find one that we can edit good enough to use. This year, however, we actually got quite a few that were keepers and needed very little editing. Just thought I would show you some of the better ones. This is certainly not all 50-60 of them (hehe)

Now I just need to get the picture made, ordered, shipped, envelopes addressed, and all cards
mailed. I still have enough time- Right?

Monday, November 16, 2009

getting caught

My daughter said something to me that really got my brain wheels turning.
Allow me to rewind a little. She had been playing all morning in her big sisters dress from church yesterday. Each time she wanted to go outside I had to remind her she had to change clothes- she could not play outside in the dress. At one point this afternoon, I was working in the kitchen and realized she made it out into the garage in the dress. I called her back again and told her she needed to change clothes. She immediately put her hands on her hips, threw her head back, and looking at the ceiling says, "I keep trying and trying to sneak around you and you won't let me do it!!"
Her tone was one of surprise- as if she were supposed to somehow be allowed to sneak past me. Part of me wanted to let out a little chuckle (it really was so cute), but something inside me was thankful for the moment. The sweet innocent truth of wanting to get away with something and being stopped was an open door of teaching, which is always nice. But I was also thankful that what I saw was a direct answer to prayer. I have always made it a point to pray that whenever my kiddos have sin that needs to be revealed, that it would come to light. My parents always prayed this over me, and trust me- it worked very well for them!!!!!

Today, I was able to tell her she should always get caught when she is sneaking around trying to get away with something she knows is wrong. She should always want to do what is right-even when no one is watching. What I wish she understood at this young age is why. Why should she be concerned? Why should she want to get caught?

Well, first of all there is the simple reason of being a young lady of integrity. Being responsible for her actions - good or bad. Secondly, (and of even more importance) is because she is accountable to God. She is our daughter and is to be accountable to her daddy and myself. It is our responsibility to teach her while she is under our protection (Deut. 6:6-9). One day, however, she will be an adult with her own accountability to God. She needs to understand that one day "everything will be uncovered and laid bare before Him to whom we must give account".
This verse used to cause fear to rise up in my soul when I read it, when I viewed God as a God of justice and punishment. But when you understand that God is full of grace- it is no longer fear, but comfort. You see, I had to learn what my daughter has to learn- to trust God in all things- even when we mess up. It is so easy to want to hide our sin or make up reasons why it is okay. Truth is- we cannot hide it at all. Maybe from our neighbors or even family, but not to the One who really matters. He is the only one who can meet us at the place of shame for our blunders and offer us His grace, mercy, and forgiveness (Heb. 4:14-16). After all, He is the one who gives us our faith to begin with!!(Rom. 10:17)

I can only hope and PRAY that all of my children learn these lessons much earlier than I did. After all- He is the only One who can do more than we can imagine!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


What comes to your mind when you think of LOVE?? I have often had this question come to my mind at odd times, but lately it has come up frequently. There are so many different kinds of love, but all of them have one thing in common- love is an action. Not a noun, but a verb. I cannot think of one time when love is supposed to be a noun, a "thing". Love in its true sense is an action that one must choose to give, show, or even receive. If there is one thing I know about this verb love- it does take work- and sometimes a lot of it.

Most recently, I have been in awe of the love I receive from my hubby. Big Daddy makes it so easy for me to love him. Regardless of what I do or say, regardless of how I act, he still loves me. Not because I am so stinking lovable- usually quite the opposite. He loves me simply because he wakes up everyday and chooses to just love ME. There are days when I make it really hard on him I know, but does what it takes to weather the storm and love me through it. When I think of it like that, I cannot help but to pour my love out on him.

We have loving relationships with our children, extended family, and friends. All require us to work lovingly at the relationships to keep them going strong. Why do we work at these relationships? Because we love them- actively and willingly.

When I thought about the love from my hubby, it automatically made me think of the love from the Lord. There is nothing I can do to make Him love me more or (thankfully) less. He loves me simply because I am His. When I woke this morning, I was overwhelmed with thankfulness. I had my health, my 5 senses, my husband at my side, and my children loving being cared for by grandparents. I am blessed. Everything else (our home, cars, job, material things) is just icing on the cake. By worldly standards we are not "rich", but by my heavenly Father's standards, I am more than rich. I cannot fathom going through life without His love or the promises he gives us as His children. His love NEVER fails (like mine will), and His mercies are new EVERY day (mine aren't always).

When I sit here thinking about love, and all that it entails, I am ever so thankful for those I have in my life that think I am somehow worth the work that keep my relationships alive and well. I am even more overwhelmed with thankfulness to my Father for loving me even though I am just (unworthy) ME, simply because I am HIS.

Friday, October 30, 2009


The past few weeks have been really busy for our family. Since the first week in October when we were able to take a wonderful trip to West Virginia, it seems like we have been on the go with many planned as well as unplanned things. (I hope to post about our WV trip soon with pics!) The past couple of days, however, we have had a little time to go a little slower and enjoy being at home. As crazy as life as been lately, school has been going pretty well. Today I was able to capture this:

They don't let you take spelling tests like this in public school!! Not sure what his goal was, or if it helped, but he was quiet and doing his work so I let it go and took pictures!! I really wish I was equipped with a memory card in my head so that when I took pictures with my eyes, I could take the card out and download all the interesting things I get to see when I don't have my camera with me. This one was taken with my (new) cell phone that I just happened to be programming at the time. Otherwise this too would have been a memory.

Speaking of memories- we had to say goodbye to a wonderful woman this month. My husbands grandmother passed away a couple of weeks ago. She was a strong, beautiful, southern lady and we will all miss her dearly. I cannot remember a time with my husbands family that she wasn't there. She spoke little, but was never shy about speaking what was on her mind. She loved her children (4), grandchildren (18), and her great-grandchildren (3). I am so glad my kids got the chance to spend a great deal of time around her. At her funeral, the pastor described her perfectly as a "glamorous woman". I will agree 100%.

G.G always told me before we ever said good-bye "love and enjoy those babies- they will be grown before you know it". Well, G.G- I do know it, and I am trying my best everyday. I can only hope that when I am 87 years young, I can be described as glamorous.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

and then there was peace

This school year has really turned out to be wonderful-I really mean that too!! At the end of last year when the kids were fighting after school and we were busy with all other activities I knew something had to give. While the summer was a little better (and I use the word "better" loosely), it still wasn't peaceful. Over the summer I began to hear the voice in my head telling me that my kids needed to be at home, where I could train them on issues of kindness, gentleness, and self-control. I mean how much training could we actually do when they were in school 7 hours a day and then still had homework and activities in the evenings?? Of course as the voice became more frequent and louder I knew it was not my "voice", but the Lord. He knew just what this family needed, and He was setting the ground work. After prayer (lots of prayer), we decided that the kiddos would indeed be at home.

We started school late August, and not one time since have I even considered that we made a mistake. Even on the roughest of days, I am thankful for the blessing of having them here. Of course it helps that our school starts at 9am instead of 7:30!! We are not morning glories around here! It is midnight as I write this post and I just got done cleaning the kitchen, 2 loads of laundry and dusting the living room!!

Last week my little one even threw a wrench in the mix by refusing to return to pre-school. She had been going 3 mornings a week to give me time to really get some work done with my 2 oldest ones. (To be honest, I was questioning whether or not she was enjoying it) So now I manage to get it all done with my 3 year old in toe as well- and still loving it!!!

I love that the Lord brought us to this, and is seeing us through it as well. There is just unspeakable joy when you know without a doubt that the Lord is in control. No worry, no fear.

Luke 1:45 "Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her
will be accomplished"

Isaiah 30:18 "Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you: He rises to show you
compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all
who wait on Him"

Now in our home, there is peace. There is joy. There is a happy mama-and that usually translates into a happy home. We are so blessed, and I am forever thankful for it.

Monday, September 14, 2009

not me! Monday

Welcome to "not me" Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to see what she (as well as others) have most certainly NOT been doing this week!

This week I certainly did not allow my children stay up on a school night just to ride their bikes, skateboards, and scooters in the rain. Nope, we are a scheduled family that always adheres to a strict bedtime and no horseplay!!

And of those kiddos playing in the said rain, one of them was not fresth out of the bath with clean
p.j's on- that would be insane!! Of course, of we did allow this sort of thing, the kids would always be required to wear their safety gear!!

This past week when my 3 year old started preschool (for the very first time ever), I most certainly did not let my husband take her and let her walk in by herself. What kind of mother would I be if I didn't walk her in to her class?????

My kids are absolute angels. When one of them starts to get angry and loses control over something silly, I most certainly do not break out laughing hysterically just to keep from losing my control- nope, not me. I am always controlled and present the best example I can for my kiddos.

As I write this post, my children are sitting quietly doing their school work like the angels they are. They are so not outside waiting on me to get school started almost an hour late!!!

What have you not been doing this week??

Friday, September 11, 2009

from the mouths of moms

One of the blogs I follow is Mckmama. If you have never read her blog, you really should. Today she wrote about things that she has said to her children, and it was quite hysterical!! In thinking on the topic of things we say to our children, I was inspired to share a few of my own (and a few that are borrowed from friends)!!

"You really need to close you mouth and eat"

"Did you actually smell his bottom to know that for sure?"

"Yes honey, that really is where babies come out"

"Just because she said she was fat does NOT meat that you can call her fat too. That is very rude to say- especially to an adult!"

"Please don't lick that. Well, just because it tastes good doesn't mean its o.k."

"What are you eating and where did it come from?"

"Are your ears working?"

"I don't need help right now- go watch TV"

"Where is your sister and what is she doing?"

"Well, if the other kids are doing it, then you should too!!"

"Have you lost your mind?"

I have often stopped to wonder what in the world my neighbors (or anyone who overhears) think sometimes when I am talking to my kids! I love knowing, though, that I am certainly not alone. All kids are curious and require direction/education on things we as moms never imagined. I am thankful, however, because in those hilarious, silly, moments, I usually learn a thing or two myself!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

our 3 year old has a boyfriend

By the time we had our 4th child, I thought we had the baby to toddler years pretty much figured out. Who wouldn't? I mean 0-4 years can't be that different from child to child could it?

Oh how I was wrong. Our little "L" has absolutely blown my mind from a very early age, and this weekend was no different. She is VERY smart. I am not just saying this as a mother either. She has always been very observant and knows how everything works (or should work). Especially lipstick and accessories. We don't know where she gets this, as I am not extremely girly, nor is our 9 year old "A". Anyone who thinks children are born as blank slates should spend a day in our house- your minds will change. Our boys are the same way- different as night and day. Anyway, this one of the conversations I heard between "L" and my mother:

Grandma: " Is this a boy Polly Pocket? I didn't know you had one of those?"

"L" : "Yes. He is my boyfriend. His name is Chas."

Grandma: "Chas? I thought your boyfriend was Luke Skywalker."

(She has said that Luke Skywalker was her boyfriend for sometime now, learning who he was from her Star Wars-fan brothers)

"L" : "No. I had to break-up with hime because he was mean. Chas is my new boyfriend-he is nice to me."

Sigh. I guess I need to explain that we don't talk about boyfriend/girlfriend relationships with our kids. At 9 & 10, it is a non-issue (so far). But with our 3 year old????? She actually overheard this from a high school neighbor who was talking to someone else and "L" just happened to be listening. geesh.

She did "read" Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You See? to me as well. I wish we had it on video. The "flying mango" (flamingo) and the "B cup" (peacock) were the most entertaining.

God is so good. He has given us a unique blessing with each of our children, and this one is no exception. Little stinker, little diva, but what a sweet child of God.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

my first time

I have never thought of myself as a writer, and I would bet my English 101 professor would certainly agree. My goal for this blog, however, isn't to be a fascinating writer with loads of deep thoughts and insights. It is to just tell about, and have a "journal" of our life. I have recently just turned around to look at where we have been and what we have been through and WOW! I have fallen back in love with the life that the Lord has been so gracious to give me and let me live. I think we too often get caught up in the busy and forget to stop and take inventory of the many reasons we all have to be thankful. I have been fortunate to have some pretty amazing, godly women in my life. Not only as friends, but mentors as well. They have all been really great at reminding me that even in the hard times to "count it all as joy". So even though it changes: smooth, curvy, bumpy, steep, or all downhill- this is The Road We Are On.