Sunday, August 30, 2009

our 3 year old has a boyfriend

By the time we had our 4th child, I thought we had the baby to toddler years pretty much figured out. Who wouldn't? I mean 0-4 years can't be that different from child to child could it?

Oh how I was wrong. Our little "L" has absolutely blown my mind from a very early age, and this weekend was no different. She is VERY smart. I am not just saying this as a mother either. She has always been very observant and knows how everything works (or should work). Especially lipstick and accessories. We don't know where she gets this, as I am not extremely girly, nor is our 9 year old "A". Anyone who thinks children are born as blank slates should spend a day in our house- your minds will change. Our boys are the same way- different as night and day. Anyway, this one of the conversations I heard between "L" and my mother:

Grandma: " Is this a boy Polly Pocket? I didn't know you had one of those?"

"L" : "Yes. He is my boyfriend. His name is Chas."

Grandma: "Chas? I thought your boyfriend was Luke Skywalker."

(She has said that Luke Skywalker was her boyfriend for sometime now, learning who he was from her Star Wars-fan brothers)

"L" : "No. I had to break-up with hime because he was mean. Chas is my new boyfriend-he is nice to me."

Sigh. I guess I need to explain that we don't talk about boyfriend/girlfriend relationships with our kids. At 9 & 10, it is a non-issue (so far). But with our 3 year old????? She actually overheard this from a high school neighbor who was talking to someone else and "L" just happened to be listening. geesh.

She did "read" Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You See? to me as well. I wish we had it on video. The "flying mango" (flamingo) and the "B cup" (peacock) were the most entertaining.

God is so good. He has given us a unique blessing with each of our children, and this one is no exception. Little stinker, little diva, but what a sweet child of God.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

my first time

I have never thought of myself as a writer, and I would bet my English 101 professor would certainly agree. My goal for this blog, however, isn't to be a fascinating writer with loads of deep thoughts and insights. It is to just tell about, and have a "journal" of our life. I have recently just turned around to look at where we have been and what we have been through and WOW! I have fallen back in love with the life that the Lord has been so gracious to give me and let me live. I think we too often get caught up in the busy and forget to stop and take inventory of the many reasons we all have to be thankful. I have been fortunate to have some pretty amazing, godly women in my life. Not only as friends, but mentors as well. They have all been really great at reminding me that even in the hard times to "count it all as joy". So even though it changes: smooth, curvy, bumpy, steep, or all downhill- this is The Road We Are On.