Friday, April 30, 2010

La-la, la-la

I had the following as my Facebook status some time ago, and this morning it just seems fitting to repeat:

Step 1:  Place fingertips in your ears.

Step 2:  Close your eyes.

Step 3:  Tilt your head back.

Step 4:  Repeat "la-la, la-la, la-la, la-la, la-la"  until you think the madness has stopped.

Without opening your eyes,  pause to check if all is quiet around you.  If not, repeat Step 4.  Do not open your eyes until the quiet has come. 

As I am telling myself this morning- "Don't worry- it will indeed come". 


Monday, April 26, 2010

Village Idiot

Who does this award go to today?  (well, actually last night)  ME!!  Yep, I am the one who wears the title, and I have the "blue slip" to prove it.   Last night on the way home from church,  I had the pleasure of riding home beside a police man.  My thoughts searched for the last time I had gotten a ticket- it really has been awhile.

So, while riding down the road, I enjoyed an apple and the sounds of my girls singing to TobyMac.  As we approached an intersection, I looked up to see the light, but my visor was down and blocked me from seeing what color was shining.  By the time I saw it, it was yellow- only for .000000001 of a second.  Well, at that point I was in trouble.  You see, if I had slammed on brakes, I still would have wound up in the middle of the intersection.  So, yes, I ran the light.  In case you forgot- there was a policeman  RIGHT BESIDE ME.

I proceed to just pull into the next available parking lot and wait.  Sure enough, I looked back to see Mr. Po-po turn on the bright flashing lights.  By the time he pulled in behind me and came to my window, I already had all required paper work ready and hanging out for him to take.  He looked at me a little puzzled.  "I knew it the second it happened"  were my words.  

He proceeded back to his car and came back rather quickly.  He handed me a WARNING, asked me to pay more attention, and bid me a wonderful evening.  At that point, I was the one with the puzzled look.  He said he knew what happened, but couldn't let everyone else see him overlook the offense.   

Wow.  I was quite thankful at that moment.  I gave him the opportunity to sock it to me, but he choose to be fair and kind.  Now, if only my hubby would get over it.  He always gets a ticket- fair or not.  It drives him insane that I only got a warning.

Still, only the village idiot would run a red light with a policeman RIGHT BESIDE HER. geesh.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Meet Squirt

We have a new member of our family. 

Meet Squirt.  Actually Squirt Hammie Stewart.  Don't ask me- I didn't name him.  This little cutie was one of "A"s birthday presents.  She has been asking for sometime for either fish or a hamster.  Luckily, the hamster won.  Don't get me wrong, fish are great.  I just thought something that she could actually hold, play with and take care of would be more fun.

She totally agrees.  "A" is definitely a "first time mom" with her little guy.  She won't let anyone get near him without all the proper credentials and identification.  She is even worried about leaving him for the night when we travel to her gymnastics meet tonight.  Its really cute.  Makes me proud that she is showing such responsibility with Squirt.  Let's hope it continues.

My only worry is that our cat Hope will get hold of him.  Hope stays out most of the time, but sometimes we forget to put her out at night.  I just pray that Hope doesn't get a desire for a midnight snack one of those nights.  That would not be good.

Welcome to our family Squirt. 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Someone loves my blog!!

First I would like to thank the Academy.  Oh wait, wrong speech- sorry.  I would actually like to first and foremost thank my personal and blog friend Monica at Monica's World for this very sweet award.  I also need to apologize to her for waiting so long to publish it and say thanks!

I haven't had the time I would like to give to this post, and the list of things I love.  I also didn't want to do something quick, sloppy, and ungrateful.  As as recipient there are a few things I need to do:

                1.  List 10 things that I love
                2.  Pass the award to 5 blog friends
                3.  Link to and thank my friend that
                     gave it to me!

Listing the 10 things I love was the hardest for me!  I love way more than just 10.  So here I have listed the 10 things I especially love right now (today, this minute).  This list is subject to change at any time. 

1.  Diet Dr. Pepper (oh yeah, baby)

2.  Music  (the type depends on my mood, but always in the mood for music)

3.  Beth Moore bible studies (I really am an addict)

4.  Computer  (ask my hubby- I could not live without the internet)

5.  A nice run or walk early in the morning.  (not that I do this as often as I like or need)

6. Playing the piano (not that I am any good, but I love it)

7. I am a native West Virginia gal, and I love my Mountaineers!!

8.  I love to meet people and hear their stories- yes, I love to talk!!                                    
9.  I love, love , love to save money!!  This year coupons and ebay have saved this family ALOT.

10.  Last, but not least, my favorite thing this week is.............
       yep, our sprinklers have kept our kiddos busy many hours this week! 

Now I get the wonderful opportunity to send this to 5 other blogs that I love.  Again, this is quite hard for me.  I could sit and read blogs for HOURS.  Now,  I don't have that kind of time, but if I did I could really read for, you know, HOURS. 

1.  Our Journey Through Life
2.  Our Daze in the Desert
3.  Table For Six
4.  Henley On The Horn

I love all of the above blogs for very different reasons.  As I said in #8 above, I love to hear the story of peoples' lives.  (The main reason picking just 5 was so hard)  Each of these blogs have their own twist that keep me coming back for more, as do so many others.  If you get a chance, check them out and see why I Love their Blogs!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Double digits and drama

Today was a very special day in our house. Today my sweet "A" turned 10!!  What an awesome joy and blessing she continues to be for our family!  I just cannot believe I now have two kids in the "double digits". 

We began celebrating yesterday with a cookout.  Another friend of "A" had a birthday yesterday, so several families got together after church for a fantastic birthday cookout celebration.  The weather could not have been more beautiful and all the 1000 kids were so good!!  (That always makes things so much more enjoyable!)

Today was even more fun.  My parents came into town to take "A" to her birthday breakfast,  I took everyone out to lunch- her choice.  Then, tonight she and I were able to get out of the house for some much needed mommy/daughter time.  We hit Target-so she could spend her gift card- and Pet Smart.  "A" has decided that she wants a hamster for her birthday.  She has even picked out "the ONE"- and I must admit- he is CUTE!! 

I just wish I had pictures to share!!  I know I said I would post some when we got home from our little trip, but there is one problem- I LOST MY CAMERA!!!!  I am so bummed!!  I may get some pics from the birthday bash, but I really want the pics from our trip.  I took some special videos of the kids just for Big Daddy since he couldn't tag along.

Sigh.  Welcome to my world.  If I had my way everything would all work out the proper way without so much added drama.  The problem is that I am not in control.  Nope, but I do know the one who is, and He just happens to love drama.  Yep, and He will allow me to find the camera at just the right time.  I think its His way of keeping me on my toes and keeping my faith right where it needs to be- IN HIM (Even in the little things like losing my camera).

It will all work out and one day I will have pics to prove it.  Until then, I will go on with life and be thankful that I have a sweet 10 year old girl (for now) to share it with!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Quickie update :)

Where in the world does the time go?  I feel like I just blinked and here we are in April!!  I cannot believe my last post was March 22!!  To give the short and sweet version of where I have been and what I have been doing would go something like this:

The weekend after the Steeplechase, Miss A had her State gymnastics meet out of town.  She did great and made the South Carolina Regional team!  She was so excited and we are proud of her.

The weekend following the State meet was Easter.  We did have a wonderful weekend, celebrating the death and ressurection Jesus.  We had a relaxed, fun time with family. 

Last weekend our children went to spend the night with grandparents on Friday night, so Big Daddy and I went out on a date!! (Woo-Hoo!!)  On Saturday morning we got up and spent the day working in the yard.  We split and stacked wood,  weeded and planted flower beds,  and mowed the lawn.

I fully intended to post pictures of each of the previously mentioned events, but I forgot to bring my camera drive with me.  geesh.  You would think that if I were planning on posting I would have rememberd.  I guess I thought it was best to remember all of my kiddos instead- hee hee.

When we get home and settled (seriously?), I will try to post some pics. 

As for where we are now- well, that will absolutely be another post all its own!