Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring fun

We have had a couple of really fun weekends. The town we live in is a big horse town.  So each Spring, we all gear up for the races!  Last weekend (before Tobymac- hehe) we spent the day at the first leg of Aiken's Triple Crown:  The Time Trials.  Even though it rained at first, it turned out to be a beautiful day with friends and family.  See?

My man

Sweet girls

and of course- boys!!

 This past weekend, on the first day of Spring, we were able to attend the second leg of the Triple Crown- the Aiken Steeplechase.  It was a BEAUTIFUL and WARM day!!  I don't really know if we could have had a better time.

       Daddy and Little L

a little dancing

good food

and the parts of our family we had with us.

The night before the Steeplechase, we were able to attend the Gala with some very dear friends.  I am very pleased with the pictures that she took and wanted to share them too!!  (Not at all because my haircut that morning turned out to be one of the best I have ever gotten!) 

the lovely ladies

and their lucky husbands!!

Don't worry- I know I am by far the lucky one. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

this just......out

My kiddos never let me pull their teeth.  I don't really know why this bothers me.  It's not like its pleasant or anything.  I just always get high hopes when someone shows up with a hanging tooth telling me that it's time to pull.  Why tell me if you aren't going to let me pull it? 

At any rate, last night was no different.  After the kids were put to bed, I heard the call from a little boy, "Mommy, I think my tooth needs to come out".  So, I stood by him in the bathroom while he proceeds to pull the tooth.  Sigh.

What can I say?  Teeth or no teeth, he is still one cute, sweet boy.
Even if he does pull them by himself.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I love music.  Almost any music will do depending on my mood.  My ipod holds a such a variety that anyone who listened would really be confused.  Rock, classical, contemporary christian, even alternative.  This past week, however, this family was gearing up for a little of everything.  We had tickets for TobyMac Sunday night!!  His music is a little bit of everything- and we love it in our house!!

The night was not complete without a dose of drama though.  Big Daddy had a function to attend, so I decided I would take the kids and have a wonderful time.  Well, then J decided he didn't think he wanted to go.  Alrighty then- I called my friend and offered to take her 2 girls if she would keep J and L while Big Daddy was gone.  All was set.

After a series of events to include:  child throws up, feels better, another child feels bad, feels better, feels bad again, goes home, and another child decides to come afterall- we were set- again- for sure.  Myself, my 2 boys and my friend's 2 girls were ready to par-tay!   And par-tay we did.  TobyMac puts on such a great show!!

I wish this one was clear.  He was walking through the crowd a few rows over and people came from eveywhere to crowd around.  It made it impossible to take the picture without getting bumped!

At one point T man was hip-hop dancing (thinking we weren't looking), and it was almost the highlight of the night.  I only wish I would have gotten a picture.

The night also included Brandon Heath, but I missed most of him during all of the drama of kids coming and going!  We had a blast and came home with sore feet, hoarse voices, and ringing ears, but it was well worth it.  If you ever get the chance to see TobyMac in concert you really should.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

baby steps

The past few weeks around here have been a whirlwind of little less than chaotic.  At the end of January I was lost.  Really- I was behind in everything- every aspect of my (and the kids') lives.  At one point I wondered if there would ever be a point at which I would get back on track. 

A couple of weeks ago, I was trying to encourage my kiddos to return to their daily schedule without my constant reminders.  Before Christmas break, they were doing a wonderful job of getting up to the sound of their alarms and getting their morning work completed.  Not so much since we returned to our regular schedule.

While talking to J, I told him to start adding one thing each day.  Day one- get up on time and get into the shower.  Day two- add making his bed.  Day three- add cleaning his room.  You get the picture- baby steps.  I must say- it has cartainly been working.  This morning he was the first one up and ready to go!  (I cannot tell you just how HUGE this is)

This year I have also been encouraging A to do the same kind of "adding in" with her gymnastics.  She began with her vault.  Working hard to get it right.  Next, she worked hard on her beam.  Both scores have improved greatly this year.  Now, with the State meet in 3 weeks, she is working on her floor routine.  Again- baby steps.

Well, this week I have been working with T trying to teach him about when to talk (or when not to).  Along with this, I am also working on his volume.  Yes- he is LOUD!!!  What can you expext from number three?  Its hard for him, but I explained that he needed to just try doing school with a soft tone.  Since he only takes about 1 hour (give or take), this was a good starting point.  You got it- baby steps.

As I was thinking back to all of this, I felt a gentle tapping on my shoulder.  I knew just who it was.

"Aundrea, if you practice what you teach- you can certainly get back on track." 

Yep, the Lord does that often with me.  Uses what I say and how I act with my kiddos to teach me.  I have learned more about the character and love of God by being a mother than any other time in my life.  

So what have I been doing lately?  Taking baby steps.  The house remained a mess so I could get school back on track.  While cleaning the house, the laundry piled.  While the laundry was washing, I maintained the other areas that were already done.

Am I "there" yet? Nope. I haven't gotten all closets cleaned out (we are having a big yard sale soon).  I haven't gotten back to the gym.  I haven't finished our taxes (not sure why- I have all I need).  I haven't gone a full day without raising my voice.  sigh.  See how easy it is to get weighed down by thinking about it all at once??

Will I get "there"? Yep.  Baby steps people. Baby steps.