Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Talking Smack

This morning in one of the devotions I read, the key verse was as follows:

"The king of Israel answered, 'Tell him: "One who puts on his armor should not boast like the one who takes it off.'"      1 Kings 20:11

These words were spoken by Ahab to Beh-Hadad's messenger.  I have to tell you, I have read this passage many times before and have never really stopped to think about what Ahab was actially saying.  (I really love that the Bible is like that.  You can read it 1000 times, but always learn something new.)  What Ahab is implying here is that sometimes we need to keep our mouths shut until we have reached the accomplishment.

Here, the devotion author was referring to New Year's resolutions.  Some people really need to keep their resolution to themselves and let their actions speak louder than their words.  So often when people make the resolutions, they end up failing.  In my opinion, that is what is expected in today's society concerning resolutions.  They don't seem to really mean an entire year- just the effort.  Sad.

Even more sad?   My first thought when I read the verse was talking smack.  Yep, I love football season (or sports in general), but I hate the rival smack talk.  I even avoid Facebook when there are certain teams playing.  Around here there is a HUGE rivalry between South Carolina Gamecocks and the Clemson Tigers.  I loath this game every year.  I have seen so many relationships torn apart because of the nasty words spoken all because of a passion over a football team.  In all honesty, there are only a few people that can ever get away with smack talk.  It's the ones that are just not THAT into whether their team wins or loses.  The ones that are truly ok with whatever outcome.

Just what if- those people that are so passionate about their sports team were equally as passionate about their faith?  Because, not only have I seen relationships hurt because of smack talk, I have also seen many so called Christians that all but ruined their witness for Christ due to their words and actions.

Just what if we all (quietly) made the resolution to deepen our walk and faith in Christ,  but was only accountable to the Lord?  Each day, leaning on Him to tell us what we need to do and if what we have done needs a little work to make it right?  Let's face it- we can't put on the mask of "I have it all together" for him.  

I just wonder what kind of impact it would have on our relationships, families, or communities. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


  How do you keep bored, busy hands busy?

Tell them that daddy is coming home

and use the energy

to have an impromtu

homeschool style, give-mommy-a-break-already


That's just the way I roll....

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

Now that I have had time to sit and breathe,  I was able to go through some of the pictures I snapped over Christmas.  I didn't get very many.  I am the one who loves to take pictures, but gets caught up in the action and forgets to pick up the camera.

Christmas Eve was at our house this year with my family-

   All of the grandkids (minus my too-cool-for-the-camera teenage nephew). 

                                 The kids were so excited!!

He thought is was funny at the time.  We'll see how he feels about it when he is older and it shows up at "just the right time."   hee hee

                          Watch out for this one- she is a live wire!

This cutie patootie got a wonderful gift from my mother.  This doll set was my mother's as a child!  My sweet mother made a new bassinet cover and canopy which included buttons from my great grandmother!  My grandmother made some new outfits for the doll as well.  Five generations of love all wrapped up for a cherished Christmas surprise!

We were blessed that my parents were able to spend the night and have Christmas morning with us!!

These kiddos were all ready to see what Santa left for them under the tree!!

Thankfully, we were able to get this picture of all of us.  It was a Christmas miracle indeed.  I didn't even get Christmas cards out this year.  Sad, I know.  But that's just how life happens sometimes.  See below.

This is the typical mayhem I have to put up with to get a picture out of my monkeys.   This was taken at my in-laws Christmas afternoon.

This little one was all too excited that her stack of gifts was bigger than she!!Luckily, the big one on the bottom was not as big as I thought it was going to be!

All in all, Christmas was just wonderful!  We were able to finish our Advent story "Jotham's Journey" on Christmas morning, which was a wonderful way to keep the kids focused on the real meaning of the season. 

Too bad we have to go back to reality tomorrow.  Here's hoping we get the best of our busyness and not the other way around!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year

Well, here we are in another New Year!  From my family to yours, we wish you much joy, happiness, and peace for the days to come!!

Here in the real world of chaos (where I reside),  we rang in the New Year with another family sleep over with some dear friends!   Big Daddy is with my friend's hubby in Wisconson, so we all spent the night together and stayed up to ring in 2011!  We had so much fun- ate too much and laughed. ALOT.

While I don't usually make a true "resolution" for each new year, I do look at the new beginning as a chance to make improvements.  Not all at once of course, as there are way too many for that.  I will pray and let the Lord guide me to what needs to be done and when.

Although my first goal, if you will, for 1-1-11 is too get my children back to a schedule- starting with bed times and wake times.  We have been going to bed 11pm or later and sleeping until 10am or later.  Monday is really going to bite- hard.  Today we are laying low, playing outside until we are exhausted, and hopefully going to bed at a decent time. 

If you have set a resolution for 2011-  I wish you all the strength and best wishes that you will succeed!!!