Friday, June 18, 2010

Still here enjoying life

I have been absent lately from writing, I know.  I have been reading and commenting on other blogs, but I just haven't had the urgency to write.  I  have been so busy since summer started, that I have been doing just what I am supposed to be doing- having fun with the family.
The girls still have gymnastics, A and T are on the swim team, and J is busy with camps (church, golf and basketball).  Its quite busy, but such fun.

Today we decided to take a slow down, spontaneous trip to my parents house.  Sounds funny, I know.  When we got here, I sat on the back patio with my mom and watched my girls catch lightening bugs and do gymnastics.  I loved watching them just be kids.  No pressure. No rush. Just playing.

I thought about running for the camera, but you know what?  I decided to just enjoy the moment.  I know that all to soon these days will pass and I will miss them dearly, so I decided not to miss one second.

The boys?  They ran to my brothers house to be with my nephews and play too.  Only they played Rock Band.

Hopefully I will get some pictures posted soon.  We have alot going on and alot still to do before summer is all too soon over.   I really want to update the pics of the kids on my sidebar anyway and give the kids nicknames.

Any suggestions?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Food For Thought

I have a question.  Some may think its an odd question, but this past Sunday in church, it became (to me) a very legitimate question.

Do you pray for your pastor and the leadership of your church?

Seriously.  Whether you love your church and are completely content, or if you wish your church had something that you feel is missing- do you pray for who God has in the position of leadership in that church?

Do you pray that God would guide the leadership of the church and "move and shake things" for His glory? 

If you do pray for things to get shaken, how open would you truly be to the changes that would be made?  Would your flesh and complacency want to accept it or complain and resist?

Have you ever imagined the amount of pressure that pastors must feel when God is prompting their hearts to make changes in a congregation that may not accept it?

These are all things that weighed on my heart Sunday morning as I watched the pastor of our church sitting at the front during praise and worship.  I felt the need to pray for Him, and as I was praying all of these questions were going through my mind. 

If you do pray for the leadership of your church,  think about challenging others to think about some of these questions.  If we are all honest, I am pretty sure most of us would be convicted in this area.  If you, like me, feel this weighing on your heart- committ this week to make praying for your pastor and others who lead in your church on a regular basis. 

James 3:17-18