Friday, June 18, 2010

Still here enjoying life

I have been absent lately from writing, I know.  I have been reading and commenting on other blogs, but I just haven't had the urgency to write.  I  have been so busy since summer started, that I have been doing just what I am supposed to be doing- having fun with the family.
The girls still have gymnastics, A and T are on the swim team, and J is busy with camps (church, golf and basketball).  Its quite busy, but such fun.

Today we decided to take a slow down, spontaneous trip to my parents house.  Sounds funny, I know.  When we got here, I sat on the back patio with my mom and watched my girls catch lightening bugs and do gymnastics.  I loved watching them just be kids.  No pressure. No rush. Just playing.

I thought about running for the camera, but you know what?  I decided to just enjoy the moment.  I know that all to soon these days will pass and I will miss them dearly, so I decided not to miss one second.

The boys?  They ran to my brothers house to be with my nephews and play too.  Only they played Rock Band.

Hopefully I will get some pictures posted soon.  We have alot going on and alot still to do before summer is all too soon over.   I really want to update the pics of the kids on my sidebar anyway and give the kids nicknames.

Any suggestions?


  1. Of course the boys played Rock Band! We are at Edisto with my sister and her family. Love seeing the cousins all playing on the beach... perfect summer vision!

  2. I have been in that same mode! I called it Lazy blogger mode in my last post! I have 16 more days to be "lazy" in the midst of the summer busy fun! Enjoy your last days before summer is over!


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