Wednesday, March 17, 2010

this just......out

My kiddos never let me pull their teeth.  I don't really know why this bothers me.  It's not like its pleasant or anything.  I just always get high hopes when someone shows up with a hanging tooth telling me that it's time to pull.  Why tell me if you aren't going to let me pull it? 

At any rate, last night was no different.  After the kids were put to bed, I heard the call from a little boy, "Mommy, I think my tooth needs to come out".  So, I stood by him in the bathroom while he proceeds to pull the tooth.  Sigh.

What can I say?  Teeth or no teeth, he is still one cute, sweet boy.
Even if he does pull them by himself.


  1. Nothing wrong with a little independence, right?

  2. Front teeth out is the cutest thing ever. They look like big kids once thier adult front teeth come in. :.(


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