Wednesday, March 3, 2010

baby steps

The past few weeks around here have been a whirlwind of little less than chaotic.  At the end of January I was lost.  Really- I was behind in everything- every aspect of my (and the kids') lives.  At one point I wondered if there would ever be a point at which I would get back on track. 

A couple of weeks ago, I was trying to encourage my kiddos to return to their daily schedule without my constant reminders.  Before Christmas break, they were doing a wonderful job of getting up to the sound of their alarms and getting their morning work completed.  Not so much since we returned to our regular schedule.

While talking to J, I told him to start adding one thing each day.  Day one- get up on time and get into the shower.  Day two- add making his bed.  Day three- add cleaning his room.  You get the picture- baby steps.  I must say- it has cartainly been working.  This morning he was the first one up and ready to go!  (I cannot tell you just how HUGE this is)

This year I have also been encouraging A to do the same kind of "adding in" with her gymnastics.  She began with her vault.  Working hard to get it right.  Next, she worked hard on her beam.  Both scores have improved greatly this year.  Now, with the State meet in 3 weeks, she is working on her floor routine.  Again- baby steps.

Well, this week I have been working with T trying to teach him about when to talk (or when not to).  Along with this, I am also working on his volume.  Yes- he is LOUD!!!  What can you expext from number three?  Its hard for him, but I explained that he needed to just try doing school with a soft tone.  Since he only takes about 1 hour (give or take), this was a good starting point.  You got it- baby steps.

As I was thinking back to all of this, I felt a gentle tapping on my shoulder.  I knew just who it was.

"Aundrea, if you practice what you teach- you can certainly get back on track." 

Yep, the Lord does that often with me.  Uses what I say and how I act with my kiddos to teach me.  I have learned more about the character and love of God by being a mother than any other time in my life.  

So what have I been doing lately?  Taking baby steps.  The house remained a mess so I could get school back on track.  While cleaning the house, the laundry piled.  While the laundry was washing, I maintained the other areas that were already done.

Am I "there" yet? Nope. I haven't gotten all closets cleaned out (we are having a big yard sale soon).  I haven't gotten back to the gym.  I haven't finished our taxes (not sure why- I have all I need).  I haven't gone a full day without raising my voice.  sigh.  See how easy it is to get weighed down by thinking about it all at once??

Will I get "there"? Yep.  Baby steps people. Baby steps.


  1. As I am reading your post, the phrase "Your Grace is enough for me..." is repeating. I don't think I am ever going to have my act really together. I am juggling so many balls that some of them are always dropped and when I pick those up I know some more have to fall. I am trusting (actually working on trying really hard to trust) that His Grace is sufficient to make up for my inadequacies!

  2. I think that is so true! We can all get back on track if we practice what we preach.

    Here's something I try to tell myself about my kids too...may be a little off the track, but close enough. I think "the kids don't listen to what I say, because they are too busy watching what I do."


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