Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sun, fun, fellowship

After such a crazy, drama- filled, stressful week, this weekend and all its fun was quite enjoyable.  Friday night our family had an impromptu evening out with friends.  Saturday evening was spent at the home of another family.  Today was  much more of the same.  We had a family over for lunch after church and we ended up making an entire day of it!!  They actually left only about an hour ago.  My in-laws also came for the afternoon, so we had a house full!! 

God gave us a wonderful gift with the weather as well.  Bright sunshine and warm temperatures allowed the kids (all 8 of them) to play outside.  I wish I had pictures of all the fun and festivities, but I guess I was just having way too much fun enjoying the day! 

I now officially have Spring Fever.  This is bittersweet because we have a couple of months of school to finish.  At least the end is in sight and we were able to get a taste of what summer break will bring.  Sun, fun, and fellowship.

Tomorrow begins a new week, but the fun and joy we have filled up on this weekend has me looking forward to it.  We will be playing a little "catch-up" from the drama from last week, but somehow it just doesn't seem as stressful as it did before.  Funny how things work out that way.

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  1. It's always fun to look forward to Summer break. Especially as a kid. Sun, Fun and Fellowship absolutely sums it up.


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