Friday, April 23, 2010

Meet Squirt

We have a new member of our family. 

Meet Squirt.  Actually Squirt Hammie Stewart.  Don't ask me- I didn't name him.  This little cutie was one of "A"s birthday presents.  She has been asking for sometime for either fish or a hamster.  Luckily, the hamster won.  Don't get me wrong, fish are great.  I just thought something that she could actually hold, play with and take care of would be more fun.

She totally agrees.  "A" is definitely a "first time mom" with her little guy.  She won't let anyone get near him without all the proper credentials and identification.  She is even worried about leaving him for the night when we travel to her gymnastics meet tonight.  Its really cute.  Makes me proud that she is showing such responsibility with Squirt.  Let's hope it continues.

My only worry is that our cat Hope will get hold of him.  Hope stays out most of the time, but sometimes we forget to put her out at night.  I just pray that Hope doesn't get a desire for a midnight snack one of those nights.  That would not be good.

Welcome to our family Squirt. 

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  1. Cute. My grandfather used to call my sister, Squirt.



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