Monday, April 19, 2010

Double digits and drama

Today was a very special day in our house. Today my sweet "A" turned 10!!  What an awesome joy and blessing she continues to be for our family!  I just cannot believe I now have two kids in the "double digits". 

We began celebrating yesterday with a cookout.  Another friend of "A" had a birthday yesterday, so several families got together after church for a fantastic birthday cookout celebration.  The weather could not have been more beautiful and all the 1000 kids were so good!!  (That always makes things so much more enjoyable!)

Today was even more fun.  My parents came into town to take "A" to her birthday breakfast,  I took everyone out to lunch- her choice.  Then, tonight she and I were able to get out of the house for some much needed mommy/daughter time.  We hit Target-so she could spend her gift card- and Pet Smart.  "A" has decided that she wants a hamster for her birthday.  She has even picked out "the ONE"- and I must admit- he is CUTE!! 

I just wish I had pictures to share!!  I know I said I would post some when we got home from our little trip, but there is one problem- I LOST MY CAMERA!!!!  I am so bummed!!  I may get some pics from the birthday bash, but I really want the pics from our trip.  I took some special videos of the kids just for Big Daddy since he couldn't tag along.

Sigh.  Welcome to my world.  If I had my way everything would all work out the proper way without so much added drama.  The problem is that I am not in control.  Nope, but I do know the one who is, and He just happens to love drama.  Yep, and He will allow me to find the camera at just the right time.  I think its His way of keeping me on my toes and keeping my faith right where it needs to be- IN HIM (Even in the little things like losing my camera).

It will all work out and one day I will have pics to prove it.  Until then, I will go on with life and be thankful that I have a sweet 10 year old girl (for now) to share it with!!

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