Monday, April 26, 2010

Village Idiot

Who does this award go to today?  (well, actually last night)  ME!!  Yep, I am the one who wears the title, and I have the "blue slip" to prove it.   Last night on the way home from church,  I had the pleasure of riding home beside a police man.  My thoughts searched for the last time I had gotten a ticket- it really has been awhile.

So, while riding down the road, I enjoyed an apple and the sounds of my girls singing to TobyMac.  As we approached an intersection, I looked up to see the light, but my visor was down and blocked me from seeing what color was shining.  By the time I saw it, it was yellow- only for .000000001 of a second.  Well, at that point I was in trouble.  You see, if I had slammed on brakes, I still would have wound up in the middle of the intersection.  So, yes, I ran the light.  In case you forgot- there was a policeman  RIGHT BESIDE ME.

I proceed to just pull into the next available parking lot and wait.  Sure enough, I looked back to see Mr. Po-po turn on the bright flashing lights.  By the time he pulled in behind me and came to my window, I already had all required paper work ready and hanging out for him to take.  He looked at me a little puzzled.  "I knew it the second it happened"  were my words.  

He proceeded back to his car and came back rather quickly.  He handed me a WARNING, asked me to pay more attention, and bid me a wonderful evening.  At that point, I was the one with the puzzled look.  He said he knew what happened, but couldn't let everyone else see him overlook the offense.   

Wow.  I was quite thankful at that moment.  I gave him the opportunity to sock it to me, but he choose to be fair and kind.  Now, if only my hubby would get over it.  He always gets a ticket- fair or not.  It drives him insane that I only got a warning.

Still, only the village idiot would run a red light with a policeman RIGHT BESIDE HER. geesh.


  1. Au contraire mon frere. Same thing happened to me once. I, too, was let off with just a warning. I couldn't get over how fast my heart was pumping though. Not often I have a run in with the law ;)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog ;)
    Okay, so why is it that anytime there's a police officer in the vicinity of our vehicles we all turn into idiot drivers?!! You are not alone!


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