Friday, September 11, 2009

from the mouths of moms

One of the blogs I follow is Mckmama. If you have never read her blog, you really should. Today she wrote about things that she has said to her children, and it was quite hysterical!! In thinking on the topic of things we say to our children, I was inspired to share a few of my own (and a few that are borrowed from friends)!!

"You really need to close you mouth and eat"

"Did you actually smell his bottom to know that for sure?"

"Yes honey, that really is where babies come out"

"Just because she said she was fat does NOT meat that you can call her fat too. That is very rude to say- especially to an adult!"

"Please don't lick that. Well, just because it tastes good doesn't mean its o.k."

"What are you eating and where did it come from?"

"Are your ears working?"

"I don't need help right now- go watch TV"

"Where is your sister and what is she doing?"

"Well, if the other kids are doing it, then you should too!!"

"Have you lost your mind?"

I have often stopped to wonder what in the world my neighbors (or anyone who overhears) think sometimes when I am talking to my kids! I love knowing, though, that I am certainly not alone. All kids are curious and require direction/education on things we as moms never imagined. I am thankful, however, because in those hilarious, silly, moments, I usually learn a thing or two myself!!

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