Monday, November 16, 2009

getting caught

My daughter said something to me that really got my brain wheels turning.
Allow me to rewind a little. She had been playing all morning in her big sisters dress from church yesterday. Each time she wanted to go outside I had to remind her she had to change clothes- she could not play outside in the dress. At one point this afternoon, I was working in the kitchen and realized she made it out into the garage in the dress. I called her back again and told her she needed to change clothes. She immediately put her hands on her hips, threw her head back, and looking at the ceiling says, "I keep trying and trying to sneak around you and you won't let me do it!!"
Her tone was one of surprise- as if she were supposed to somehow be allowed to sneak past me. Part of me wanted to let out a little chuckle (it really was so cute), but something inside me was thankful for the moment. The sweet innocent truth of wanting to get away with something and being stopped was an open door of teaching, which is always nice. But I was also thankful that what I saw was a direct answer to prayer. I have always made it a point to pray that whenever my kiddos have sin that needs to be revealed, that it would come to light. My parents always prayed this over me, and trust me- it worked very well for them!!!!!

Today, I was able to tell her she should always get caught when she is sneaking around trying to get away with something she knows is wrong. She should always want to do what is right-even when no one is watching. What I wish she understood at this young age is why. Why should she be concerned? Why should she want to get caught?

Well, first of all there is the simple reason of being a young lady of integrity. Being responsible for her actions - good or bad. Secondly, (and of even more importance) is because she is accountable to God. She is our daughter and is to be accountable to her daddy and myself. It is our responsibility to teach her while she is under our protection (Deut. 6:6-9). One day, however, she will be an adult with her own accountability to God. She needs to understand that one day "everything will be uncovered and laid bare before Him to whom we must give account".
This verse used to cause fear to rise up in my soul when I read it, when I viewed God as a God of justice and punishment. But when you understand that God is full of grace- it is no longer fear, but comfort. You see, I had to learn what my daughter has to learn- to trust God in all things- even when we mess up. It is so easy to want to hide our sin or make up reasons why it is okay. Truth is- we cannot hide it at all. Maybe from our neighbors or even family, but not to the One who really matters. He is the only one who can meet us at the place of shame for our blunders and offer us His grace, mercy, and forgiveness (Heb. 4:14-16). After all, He is the one who gives us our faith to begin with!!(Rom. 10:17)

I can only hope and PRAY that all of my children learn these lessons much earlier than I did. After all- He is the only One who can do more than we can imagine!!

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