Friday, October 30, 2009


The past few weeks have been really busy for our family. Since the first week in October when we were able to take a wonderful trip to West Virginia, it seems like we have been on the go with many planned as well as unplanned things. (I hope to post about our WV trip soon with pics!) The past couple of days, however, we have had a little time to go a little slower and enjoy being at home. As crazy as life as been lately, school has been going pretty well. Today I was able to capture this:

They don't let you take spelling tests like this in public school!! Not sure what his goal was, or if it helped, but he was quiet and doing his work so I let it go and took pictures!! I really wish I was equipped with a memory card in my head so that when I took pictures with my eyes, I could take the card out and download all the interesting things I get to see when I don't have my camera with me. This one was taken with my (new) cell phone that I just happened to be programming at the time. Otherwise this too would have been a memory.

Speaking of memories- we had to say goodbye to a wonderful woman this month. My husbands grandmother passed away a couple of weeks ago. She was a strong, beautiful, southern lady and we will all miss her dearly. I cannot remember a time with my husbands family that she wasn't there. She spoke little, but was never shy about speaking what was on her mind. She loved her children (4), grandchildren (18), and her great-grandchildren (3). I am so glad my kids got the chance to spend a great deal of time around her. At her funeral, the pastor described her perfectly as a "glamorous woman". I will agree 100%.

G.G always told me before we ever said good-bye "love and enjoy those babies- they will be grown before you know it". Well, G.G- I do know it, and I am trying my best everyday. I can only hope that when I am 87 years young, I can be described as glamorous.

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