Monday, December 14, 2009

not me Monday!

Did you have one of those days (weeks, months)? This carnival was created by Mckmama to help us vent a little, feel encouraged that we are not alone, and save us all the expense of professional therapy!

As the Christmas break draws near- we are NOT getting lazy with school, sleeping until 9 or 10 o'clock, and staying in our PJ's until lunch (or later). I am NOT counting down the days until I have 2 weeks to re-group for a new year.

This past weekend, when our goal was to install our new range, I did not allow our kiddos to decorate a gingerbread house mostly unsupervised and eat more of the candy than they decorated with just to have a few extra moments of time to think.

The range we were attemping to install had NOT been sitting in our garage for over a year. It has NOT taken us that long to finish our kitchen. I have NOT been without 2 major appliances for several months- who does that??

When trying to clean up the kitchen, our upstairs bathroom toilet did NOT flood the bathroom and hallway. The water did NOT fill a light fixture on the main floor and water was NOT leaking out of the moulding from the first floor.

20 minutes after said flooding, when trying once more to clean the kitchen, a connection from under the kitchen sink did NOT come loose only to flood the kitchen floor and other cabinets. Because the adults were NOT freaking out, the kids did NOT start freaking out as well.

Once the chaos had again been calmed, and supper was served, I tried cleaning the kitchen-again. When draining the water from the sink, another pipe did NOT come loose only to flood the floor again!!! I mean seriously- things like this do NOT happen around here!!

Sunday, after church, it was NOT me who sat on her bum by the fire all day enjoying a quiet birthday. It was NOT my hubby that worked all afternoon (still) on the range that had still not been installed.

Finally, it IS me who is loving her hubby more than ever for working so hard to get the appliances back in to the kitchen for my birthday!! (And I only wish I had the pictures to show!!)


  1. We've been in a remodel of 9 rooms for 5+ years and are finally down to the last 3 ft of hardwood flooring in the last room. It's almost ready for big DONE stamp. My favorite saying...Don't feel like the Lone Ranger!


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