Monday, November 15, 2010

Snack Time

                     Apparently, when my daughter asked for a snack,

I wasn't very clear

on what the snack could (or should) be.



  1. Well... at least there IS a little protein in it!! ha ha

  2. What IS it? We have a running joke in our family about Nutella. We think the name is funny and can't figure out what on earth it is made from! Is it like peanut butter?

  3. Monica- it is similar to peanut butter. It is made from cocoa, milk and hazelnut. It's really a chocolate spread with a hint of hazelnut. I will have to let you have a taste!!
    Jen- thank goodness for the protien!!! hee hee

  4. We LOVE Nutella! Jackson has it on toast every morning... And then as a sandwich for his lunchbox. Thank goodness he is so skinny!


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