Saturday, November 13, 2010

The list is in........

My sweet friend Bevy over at It's A Golden Day has tagged me in joining in with several other women to list my favorite 15 authors.  WOW.  I thought this would be simple, but oh boy, was I ever wrong!!   I really do enjoy reading,  but at this season in my life, most of the books I read are not the ones I would choose for myself.  Now, if I were doing this post for my 4 year old, the list would be so easy.

Here's the list that I have come up with in no particular order.   All but number one are possibly subject to change as I continue to read in the future. 

10.   Frank Peretti    The first time I read This Present Darkness,  I was hooked!!  I am a true believer in spiritual warfare and while his books are fiction,  I could feel the weight of the characters as if the situations were as real as you and me.  Just writing this puts me in the mood to find a book of his that I haven't read which may be hard to do.

9.    C.S. Lewis    Let's face it- who hasn't fallen in love with the Chronicles of Narnia?   I still remember my 2nd grade teacher reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe aloud to our class.  I remember hanging on every word and being so mad when she had to stop for the day.  Since then,  I have enjoyed many of his other books,  and have loved watching my oldest son read his books as well.

8.    Theo Lesieg a.k.a Dr. Suess    Don't laugh- I am totally serious.  I have always loved all of the books he writes.  His books are full of creativity, simple wisdom, and children (and adults, obviously) LOVE them.  I can still recite over half of the book  One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish  from when I read it over and over (and over) to my little ones. 

7.    Beth Moore    Yes, I am a nut about this woman.  She certainly has a gift for being able to put into words what most of us often struggle to understand.  Many people shy away from her studies because of the amount of "homework", but that's my favorite part.  I love a good challange to dig deeper and really find the treasures of life that the Lord has for us.

6.    John Grisham    I will admit that I didn't read my first book of his until after I saw the movie The Firm.    Like Peretti's books, I love the suspense that draws the reader in.  While I still need to read several of his books, The Client is one of my favorites. 

5.    Mark Twain    I cannot think of books without thinking of my first favorites.   The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer were 2 of the first novels I read independently, and I would read them again (and again).   I hated to hear when many school libraries said they were taking it off the shelves.

4.    F. Scott Fitzgerald    I would choose him solely on The Great Gatsby,  but I do also love many of his short stories.  I love the era of flapper dresses and dapper dressed men.  I need to see the movie based on Benjamin Button,  but haven't found the time as of yet.

3.    Robert Fulghum    If you haven't heard his name, I know you have at least heard of one of his works: All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten.   I just love the fun, feel good, simple way he writes abouts life.

2.    Monica Wells    Many of you may not have heard of this wonderfully talented woman.  She is a sweet friend of mine and the author of Monica's World, which I have mentioned on my blog several times.   She has the awesome gift of taking any old (even boring) story and telling it in a way that leaves her readers begging for more.  I have a feeling that she will one day be on every best seller's list.

1.    The Holy Bible    This is by far the best book ever written.  It is full of everything any avid book reader desires:  drama, action, suspense, heartbreak, trials, joys, laughter, epic battles, and things of the spiritual realm that makes any other wizard/vampire book pale in comparison.  The one thing though that this book has that no other book offers?  Life.  The word are not just on the pages, they are in your heart and soul.  One of my favs:  Hebrews 4:12-13.  If I cannot find time to read this one, I don't make time for any of the others either.

So, there you have it.  My top 10 (for today).   Yes,  I know I left out several good ones.  Obviously I am a reader that loves a good suspense/action book, or a good dose of reality.  I am just not a lady that loves the "girly" drama books.  I have tried though.  The next new book I want to read is Plan B by Pete Wilson.  He just might make the next list (if I ever do another, that is)!

Check out the list below, because if you are on it, you have been tagged to make your list!!!  (Yes, you are very welcome)  Have fun!!

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Seizing My Day

*** I failed to put on the original post that I only made my list 10 because I had such a hard time coming up with these.  I hope to in the near future to finish the last 5***


  1. Can't believe I forgot Frank Peretti! Love those books... he has hit the nail on the head about spiritual warfare. Think I need to reread THIS PRESENT DARKNESS and PIERCING THE DARKNESS. Haven't read them in a while.

  2. Awww...Aundrea, you are too sweet. Thank you for lifting my spirits today. :.)


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