Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Day

As I type, my house is filled.  Along with our 6 family members, we also have my brother's family of 6 here since Friday.  4 Adults, 4 boys ages *almost*15 down to 8, and 4 girls ages 12 down to 5. 
My parents and more family joined us yesterday. 

We had a wonderful day yesterday celebrating this woman:

My sweet mother.  She is a super hero, ya know.
You probably have your own, she is ours.
Happy Birthday Mom- We love you !!

I simply adore having company.  Yes, its crazy.  Yes, the kids eat like its the end of the world.  Yes, its crowded.  But its also the kind of busy, crazy that just gives you a warm snuggly feeling down inside.  I don't think we could've given her a better gift with all the money in the world.  She said her only wish was to have our (the family) brood multiply.  Hmmmmm, not sure we'll give her that much.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day!  In all the fun and celebration, please do not forget to be thankful for every man and woman that is working so that we may have these freedoms and special times with our family and friends.

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