Wednesday, May 11, 2011


In my last post I talked about finding ways to serve, or do something to show love to your spouse.  Tonight, I have the perfect example!! 

Today was one of those days.  You know the ones.  The day where you think your head may literally come off, spin around, and then land back on your shoulders, though not in the same capacity that it left.

My 5-year old was acting like a 16-year old.  My 8-year old was acting like a 2-year old, and my 12-going-on-16-year old was acting like a 2-year old one minute and a 15-year old the next.  Get the picture? 

On top of everything else, we are still getting used to Big Daddy's new job an hour away, and the fact that he is getting home a little later.  This leaves me to handle all the afternoon activities for our 4 bundles of terror sweet little angles.

Alas, Big Daddy got home and immediately asked what HE COULD DO FOR ME!  (Can you say WOO-HOO!?!)  He allowed me to go running (always good for the stress levels) while he fed the little darlings supper.  THEN, while I took a quick shower, he put them to bed and had this waiting for me on the counter:

I rarely drink.  But this is awesome.  He could have gone with my favorite Diet Dr. Pepper, but no.  He understood my day, went with the only-on-special-occasions kind of drink. 

It was more than "sorry you had a bad day, honey".  This was "I am soooo sorry you had a rough time today, I care about you, and hope this will help show you how much I appreciate what you do".   See the difference?  A little ABCD is all it takes sometimes.

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

Love intentionally my friends-


  1. Oh my, I so understand what its like to get used to your hubby having a new job! Its been over 2 years since mine moved from pastoring to sales and I've still not fully adjusted to what it requires of him (mainly TIME). What a sweet example of love and a great reminder to me...thank you :-)


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