Monday, May 9, 2011

do not get comfortable

My heart is heavy.  I have been feeling an urgency to pray for marriages.  Mine and yours.  I don't need to know you, or your spouse.  I just know in my heart that marriages all over the world are under attack.  They always have been, but now more than ever.  Why?  Because Satan knows exactly what he's doing.  Do you know what he's doing?  You should. 

Marriage was designed and created by God.  Man alone could not have created something so beautiful, complete, or lasting.  Man alone does a great job at destroying what marriage was created to be- everlasting covenant between one man, one woman AND GOD.  Yep-all three.  I think people have gotten so comfortable that we are leaving God out of marriages and allowing Satan to sneak in the cracks like little insects in our homes.  We see little "signs" that trouble may be lurking, but until we realize there is an infestation, we sit in our comfortable little bubbles thinking all is well. 

Are you comfortable?  Are you just going through the motions assuming things are just fine?  Do you have the mindset that "it won't happen in our marriage"?   Do you think that just because things seem good, that they really are?  Then you are too comfortable. 

We who are married need to be intentional with the relationship with our spouses.  How you ask?  Here are a few things I have found to be HUGE:

  • Pray- all the time for your spouse.   Do NOT pray for the Lord to change him/her.  Pray with an encouraging heart to build up your spouse.  Trust me- if you start nit-picking to the Lord about your spouse, the Lord will start allowing you to see all the areas you yourself need to change (*been there, done that*).  Pray that you will become the spouse of his or her dreams, and let the Lord work out the rest.  (*am there, doing that*)
  • Serve- Look for little ways to do something for your spouse.  Especially when you think they don't deserve it!  Not only will this show unconditional love to your spouse, but its really hard to be mad when you are extending love.
  • Communicate-  Set aside time where you and your spouse have time to communicate without distraction.  This is especially important (and hard!) with younger kids.  Even if you think what you have to say isn't important.  Trust me- it is important!  *Truth be told- this is a biggie in our marriage*
  • Get physical!  Find time to give an extra hug, and hold it extra long.  Hold hands whenever possible.  Give a little extra squeeze on the arm or shoulder when you walk by.  Its great to even throw in a wink!!  Seriously- it will make you feel like you are dating again- with perks!!  And of course- have sex.  Sex is what separates the marriage relationship from all others!  It is God's gift to a couple.  It's the closest 2 people can be physically.  Let's just cut to the chase.  Sex is huge in a marriage, but let's not forget its only for those married to each other.  No swinging, no extras- in the bed or on the TV.  I personally think its sad to have to add that last part, but its a sad reality for our culture.  Like I said- Satan knows what he is doing!
  • Encourage and Appreciate!  Never miss a moment to say Please, Thank-you,  I Love You, and I Appreciate You.  We are working on this, and I will say its great!  The more I do it, the more he does it.  Or maybe it's the other way around- who knows.
There are so many other things.  These are just a few that we have tried or are doing now.  No marriage is off limits.  Satan is on the prowl.  Don't give him an "in".  We have been there- are there and I know many of you are as well.  Remember this recent post?  Yep, totally the result of being too comfortable.  Remember where it said "I have been here before"?  Yep, totally the result of getting too comfortable.  I doesn't get any easier.  If anything- it gets harder.  I have shared some of our story with other women (older and younger) recently only to find that almost everyone I talk to has a story where their marriage is being attacked. 

I will continue to pray for all marriages (even yours).  Have a request? The comments on this post will be confidential until I read them.  If you wish to ask me to pray for something specific, I will not post it. I will, however, pray. Satan never sleeps, but neither does my God.  The best thing you can do for your marriage?  Pray for the protection that only God provides, be intentional, and DO NOT get comfortable.
Aundrea (for whatever reason my name won't load)

P.S  Here a some great books:
      "The Power of A Praying Wife" by Stormie Omartian.  (Of course, they also have "The Power of A Praying Husband" too!!)
      "Becoming the Woman of His Dreams: Seven qualities every man longs for"  by Sharon Jaynes
      "Help Me I'm Married"  by Joyce Meyer


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