Monday, May 23, 2011

It's a Great Monday

Today was a great Monday.  Just a few things I am happy for today:

J got up and ready for school on time and happy.

My girls slept until 9:30 am.  I think they were exhausted.

T did his school work like a champ, and will be finished tomorrow or Wednesday.

A got all of her work done (even caught up on some) and will be finished Thursday.

After Thursday- home school is DONE.  This year and next.

Baseball is over-for both boys.  Proud of them both, but glad to be done.

Thankful we have a savings account.  With the change of jobs, we have had to live on it until the new paycheck cycle comes around.

Got Stanford test results for A and T-  both have scored at the top for their respective grade levels.  After a year of feeling like I was ineffective and we were just surviving, this was great news!

Thankful for a husband that loves us so much and endures 12 hour days just to provide for his family.

While I realize this is just the riveting kind of writing that keeps readers coming back,  this is all my running-on-fumes-for-twelve-straight-days brain has to offer this evening.  I will be getting the kids to bed soon, and then I will proceed to become worthless  will be putting my feet up for some time with MY MAN!!  (That last part was just for Bevy!)

P.S  I have tried to upload a new (hilarious and totally cute) Boredom Breeds post, but unfortunately, I cannot get the video to upload.  Bummer.  I will continue to work on it.

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