Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Things I did NOT do, maybe

I LOVE Easter and LOVE all of the things we did to celebrate this past weekend, but I have to say that I was e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d come Monday.  So, here are a few of the things I most certainly did not (ahem) do this week (*wink, wink*).  Of course this week meaning Monday and Tuesday since today is only Wednesday.

I most certainly did NOT allow my older kids to sleep in until 9:30 and cash in on some extra snuggle time with L in order to avoid this:

I also did not have to use this to clean the above dishes since I had already been to the store twice and forgot both times to buy dish detergent.  (By the way- it worked great!!  If, that is, I actually did this.)

I absolutely didn't put clean clothes on our floor at night, make my bed in the morning, and then put the clothes back on the bed.   I sure didn't think this would be a way to convince me to actually fold them before going back to bed!

Is it even worth mentioning that our bed is King size?? Oh dear.

After folding clothes, I also do not stack the clothes along the wall in our bedroom instead of walking them down the hall to the kids rooms.  Nope, that would be pretty slack.  Seriously, the kids can get them in the morning when they awaken, right??  (This may actually be an on going problem- not just this week)

I may or may not have struggled not to doze off at T's baseball game on Monday night.  The same game I did not forget was even on the schedule.  The same day Big Daddy started his new job an hour away from home.  The same night his loving wife may or may not have fallen asleep before she even got to ask him about his day. Sigh.

On Tuesday I didn't have a burst of energy to create the mess in the kitchen.  I did not have supper ready by noon.  I did not bake 6 mini loaves of banana bread or a pan of banana muffins.  I love to bake (NOT).  Our family did not get home so late that we sat down to eat at nearly 10 pm. 

Seriously.  Who does this stuff?

What kinds of things did you NOT do this week?


  1. I did NOT leave the baby in her pajamas until 5 minutes before her Daddy arrived home one day.

    I did NOT wash a load of clothes in the washer twice just to avoid having to take the clothes out of the dryer. I did NOT justify that by saying the clothes were not clean enough.

  2. Oh honey! I could add a laundry list to yours!!!

    But I could also add: I did not win a princess ring last night at Hitchcock!!! Can you believe it?!?


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