Monday, April 25, 2011

I am so ready

I am ready for summer.  I usually don't like to rush it, as I don't like the overwhelming heat and humidity that we have here.  Although this year, it cannot come soon enough. 

I am ready to........

Sleep in a couple of mornings.  (I am pretty sure I don't look this happy when I am asleep)

 Spend many hours at the pool watching my kids play and catching up with all my peeps

Have time to go run without having to squeeze it in whenever I can

Not have to worry about school.  Or lesson plans.  Or repeating myself to "sit back down",  "shhh-focus on you work".

Take off on a road trip.  I don't care if its across town or across the country.  Just to have the freedom is all that matters.

There will still be swim team and gymnastics, but we will just work around it all.  Big Daddy started a new job today about an hour away, so I suppose we will also travel to Columbia to the Riverbanks Zoo as well.  I am really just ready to have a different routine, one that is just alot more flexible.  All I have to do is make it to the first weekend in June.

I am so ready.

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