Monday, March 7, 2011

Boredom breeds...........

There are many different sayings about boredom:

"Boredom breeds mischief"

"Boredom breeds destruction"

"Boredom breeds stupidity"

"Boredom breeds trouble"

While many of these are completely true, especially with children, I happen to think there is more to the story.  See, I think with the mischief, destruction, and sometimes trouble comes creativity and innovation.  I don't often put the "stupidity" label on the things my kids come up with since they often don't know any better.  Now adults?  That is another story.

I have decided to start (as often as possible) a "Boredom breeds..........."  topic here on my blog.  I am going to film or video this Spring and Summer all the things that my kids come up with in light of their boredom.  You all may be the cool parents that allow their kids to watch TV or play video games all day, but my kids got a dud for a mother.  She limits their time on electronics and makes them use the brains God gave them to entertain themselves, each other, our family, and now my (few) readers!!

Here, for your enjoyment,  is the first installment.  This clip is brought to you by Tman and his friend. As you can see in the backround, we even have neighbors walking by that stop and watch.  Or take notes for DSS.  Enjoy!


  1. You might possibly be the coolest Mom ever. This is so funny.


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