Tuesday, March 15, 2011

GNO (mommy and daughter style)

How much fun can 2 moms and their 2 daughters have together?  Well, with Anita Renfroe and Mandisa- ALOT!

Funny thing is that until the day before the concert we didn't even know we were going!  We didn't get tix due to a pending gymnastics meet, but my  sweet friend called to say that Mandisa's crew was looking for volunteers to help set up and break down.  For our labor- we got free tix!!!  (Big shout out to our hubbies who came to help, but didn't attend the concert!)

The big girls

the younger chicks

Anita singing the "Mommy Song"

"All the Wrinkled Ladies"

Mandisa singing "Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night"  (or maybe "Stronger")

Q&A session, then "Ebony & Ivory" as only they can sing it!

These girls had so much fun!

"A" could not wait for this!  She told Anita, "You're my favorite person in the whole wide world!"  When I put this pic and caption on Anita's Facebook my daughter was over the moon when Anita commented "Now your MY fave!"  (Seriously- check out Anita's page!)

My sweet friend and her girlie with Anita

Since we were working, we were the last ones in line for Mandisa.  

She was so sweet and gracious!!

A sweet little side story:  The t-shirts our girls have on were not sold at the concert.  The merchandise manager only had 2 left, so she let us buy them!  Just before the concert, the MM texted a pic of our girls to Mandisa backstage.  When we got to meet Mandisa she looked at our daughters and said, "There's my girls!".   Can you imagine how excited they were????

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  1. Oh my this makes me excited for my kids to be just a bit older so we can do things like this together! How fun for you guys!!


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