Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Tomorrow Wednesday, March 9, begins the season of Lent.  40 days and 40 nights leading up to the Easter celebration.  Many Christians use this as a time to reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ- the way he suffered, died, was buried and then (praise God) resurrected!

Many people use Lent as a time of fasting from something particular in order to focus on prayer and repentance. 

For several years now, we (our family) haven't really focused on Lent.  Sadly, the church we attend doesn't celebrate the Lent season.  Nothing against Baptist, but its one of the things that just drives me crazy.  I love talking about Lent with my kids and using it as a teaching tool.  I just think that our church is missing out on a great way to reach and teach our children!

While we do teach our kids about Lent, we do not require them to give up anything.  That is between them and God.

What about you?  Do you celebrate Lent?  What, if anything, have you decided to fast from?

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