Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring has sprung indeed

Well, the first day of Spring has come and gone.  I don't know about where you live, but here the colors are starting to come alive!  Today we ventured to the back yard for the first time in a while.  We have been so busy going out of town for gymnastics meets and in town going to baseball practices, that we almost missed Spring springing!!  For those of you who live in cooler climates and have to wait a little longer- here is a sneak peak of what is to come!!

The Azaleas are beautiful!  Just in time to hit their peak for the Masters in 2 weeks!  (We are only 35 miles from Augusta National)

Iris and Lillies are peeking

and the Loropetalum is screaming to be the center of attention!

On a side note:  I am very proud of my kids and their accomplishments lately.  Both of my boys are doing baseball this year- something J hasn't done since he was 7 and T has never tried.
J is doing so well.  I was a little nervous for him (considering his eye problems and the age at which he decided to jump back in), but he continues to get really good hits and is really showing some potential!

T man is doing great as well!  He is getting used to the rules and ropes of the game.  Due to his recent surgery, he sometimes goes a little to hard and ends up sore, but he is a tough guy.

A just competed her last competition of the season- the South Carolina Prep Optional Gymnastics Championship.  She came home a SC Champion in bars and All Around! 

L is still sticking with gymnastics.  This time last year she decided to quit, but seems to be giving it her all this time around.  We will see if that changes when swim team starts.

Happy Spring!!!!

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