Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dinner and a show

I really don't have anything deep or funny to say.  I seem to be out of creativity these days.  My kiddos, however, are full of creativity!!  As I sit here on the couch typing, "A", "T", and "L" are practicing a play that "A" found today in a "Highlights" magazine.  Its called "Old Dogs, New Tricks".   

Supper is in the crock pot and Big Daddy is on his way home.  We actually have NO where to be tonight, so I am in full relaxation mode.  Our Wednesday night activities at church are finished for the summer.  Even though I still have a child with some school work to finish for the day, all is well.  I am looking forward to dinner and a show (apparently).

Here are a few previews to the "show":

"Duke" , the dog.  Why use make-up when markers work just as well?

"Duke" does tricks like sit and stay.

"J" was in relax mode like his mommy.  While this was happening,  he was in the bonus room enjoying some ESPN.

Yep,  he is turning into a teenager faster than I care to admit.  sigh.

I hope to get some pictures of our zoo trip last week edited and posted soon.  I still haven't found my camera.  I am using my daughter's and my mother's.  I am losing hope to find mine.  I think it is still somewhere at the beach. 

Anyhoo, supper is ready and the family is waiting.

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  1. Fun stuff! This brings back memories of my childhood. A cousin and I used to sit with a tape recorder and make up songs for commericals. My mom still has the "evidence". I can't believe how big "J" is!



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