Thursday, May 6, 2010

Zoo fun

Last week we took a day to go to the zoo and play.  We had such a wonderful time!  We went on a Wednesday, and other than a few schools there for field trips, it was wide open for us to enjoy.  The kiddos were great.  They stayed with me and were very helpful to each other when the little ones needed help. 

We arrived early enough to feed the giraffes, see monkeys play, hear the tiger roar,  and watch the koala feed her baby.  The meerkats, gorillas, elephants, penguins, and lemurs were also out putting on quite a show for the kids- and they loved every minute of it! 

Feeding birds (getting bit) and looking through aquariums

Mr. Tiger after his display of macho.  Can you see the baby koala?
He is nursing!

Can you tell which are real monkeys and the ones that play monkeys at home?

Mommy giraffe and her baby. The beautiful (stinky) flamingo.

Sometimes when homeschooling, things get hard and stressful.  Days like this make me thankful that we have the freedom to make that choice for our kids and that makes even the worst of days seem o.k.

Of course they are already asking when we can go back so we can see the kangaroos- awake!! 

**I am just going to say here that this is not how the pics are supposed to be layed out.  I am on the verge of thowing blogger out the window with uploading these pics!  OK- I feel better now (not really)**

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  1. Love the close up sightings and giraffe fun!! You must have a great zoo, no? ;) We got to play with giraffes up close and personal once... it was the coolest thing!


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