Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back to normal?

What a difference a week makes!!  The pity party is over.  We had a wonderful weekend playing while Big Daddy was away- playing.  My friend and her kiddos came to our house for one big sleep over!! We ate pizza, watched movies, snacked on popcorn and then put the kids to bed.  My friend and I had a sweet late night chat and giggles. 

Went for a run this morning and really had some time to reflect on why I let my attitude get so yucky last week.  Want to know what I came up with?  Selfishness.  Yep.  I was getting bogged down in what my expectations were for everyone else around me instead of focusing on what the Lord requires of me.  All I saw (from my clouded view) were all the things that were not being done right and causing me more work and headache.  I was not being thankful, was not setting an example of joy, and I was not choosing to love.

When the Lord says in the bible to "Love One Another", He means it just as it sounds.  Its not "Love one another if he or she deserves it".  Nope. It simply states to Love.  Even when- or more importantly when- we think they DON'T deserve it.  I wasn't walking in obedience, so life was rough.  I was trying to take control.  One thing I do know about the Lord is that until we give up the control to HIM- he will let us go about our way until we figure out just how ignorant we really are and decide to give things back to Him.

Luckily, I figured it out and things have returned to normal around here.  If, that is, you can call us normal.  You really don't have to tell me what you think- really.


  1. You're so wise. I always feel like I come away with something worth while after reading your blog.

  2. Good words Aundrea, you are very right. I feel like I'm in constant need of this reminder. Sometimes I wish not quite so many things hinged on my choices!

  3. no matter how much I learn this ... I too am in constant need of being reminded to truly live it!! =) Amen!


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