Sunday, January 3, 2010

The New Year

Here we are- 2010. It came just as fast as I thought it would. I brought in the new year with my oldest son watching Travis Pastrana making a world record jump over a river. The younger two fell asleep, and my A was hunting with her daddy. Exciting I know. Besides that, I have been working on getting my kitchen painted. There is finally an end to that tunnel. (Yay!) Another highlight of the new year is that my oldest son J killed his first deer on Friday night. He was so excited- and so am I.

I am also taking part in a challenge from Pete Wilson, the pastor of Cross Point Church. I have never been there, but have loved listening to the online messages. He is a wonderful teacher. The challenge is called 31 Day Challenge in which I (you) will read a chapter of Proverbs each of the 31 days of January. I have already loved this, as it has been a long time since I read Proverbs. I am also incorporating this into school with the kids. They seem to easily understand the Proverbs. Of course its no surprise- they were created to understand the words of the Lord!!

Well, I need to go get the troops moving for church. They are all pretty tired- its 9:30 and everyone is still asleep!

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