Monday, January 25, 2010

big day

Today was a big day in our house! Our sweet, oh so smart, sassy, lipstick loving, cuddling, sister adoring, brother loving, babywearing "little mama", beautiful little girl turned 4!! She has been celebrating for a few days now. She spent the weekend with my in-laws getting showered with attention, gifts and getting to make not one, but two birthday cakes. This morning, my parents came to take her to breakfast and then shopping for her gift. Tonight, she got to pick what (or where) we ate supper. She chose Captain D's. She wanted to pick it up, bring it home and have a picnic in the living room watching a movie. (My hubby and I skipped out on the grease and had Subway) By the end of the movie she asked if she could go to bed- "my birthday made me tired". Really? I can't imagine why. Love you sweet girl!!

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