Tuesday, October 8, 2013

On the Flip Side..............

Okay, so I get that my last post was pretty serious.  I meant for it to be that way. 

Although, on the flip side...........

Technology can be a great tool for parenting!!  Kids these days post, well, everything.  Not long ago, my daughter had several girls spend the night.  That particular night I did not take her cell phone when I went to bed.  I let all of the girls keep them.  They are all great young ladies and all are well aware of my expectations about cell phone usage (even though some of the parents don't share my thoughts).  I told the girls they had 2 rules:
 1.  don't wake any one else in the house

 2.  stay in the house.

The next morning, as those same girls were sleeping soundly, I decided to check my daughter's Instagram.  Guess what?

They documented everything. 

I was able to see what time they had a nail painting session,  3 a.m. ice cream,  and a little dancing as well! 

See, kids these days put everything on social media.  While it can be a parents nightmare, it can also be a parents ally!  Not only can we keep up with our own kids, but their friends as well. 

I had another parent say to me the other day that she didn't really check behind her daughter very much (she's 11) because "she needs her privacy".
My thoughts are that:
 1.  Privacy is earned.  ESPECIALLY with technology.

 2.  I don't check up on my kids to control them, I do it to protect them.

I know so many adults that cannot get control over their technology usage or etiquette. I cannot assume that my kids will learn it by default.  I simply choose to walk along side of my young adults to help them make the best choices they can.  My older ones are very close to the time when I pull away and let them make all their own choices (while still at home).  They need to be prepared.

There are alot of things I find that I choose to let go.  I don't hound my kids or question them about every little thing.  If it crosses the line morally or violates the contract, we address the situation immediately.   If its something I may not like, but it isn't wrong, I will get another parent (who can also see or read the post, pic, whatever) to question the kids about it.  If they are comfortable enough to be confronted, then I let it go.

The world is very different these days.  While I would love to be a parent of my own generation,  those days are becoming distant memories.  I will say that I am glad that cell phones have GPS and phone trackers.

My mom definitely didn't have that. 

Any thoughts or great ideas you have learned about raising a technology based generation???

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