Monday, February 7, 2011

From "outie" to "innie"

I just love this boy.  Even all hopped up on good drugs.

My T man had umbilical hernia repair surgery this morning.  He made it look like a cake walk.  He was a little anxious about it, but once the Versed kicked in, he was Mr. Loopy and happy about everything!

I expected him to come home and (like his father after anesthesia) sleep the day away, but no such luck.  He has been bouncing off the walls- both figuratively and literally (he is still loopy).

He was able to bring home lots of goodies from the hospital, and as you can see, is putting them to use!!

He is holding the gas mask they used to put him under, but also brought home the blood pressure cuff and O2 Sat lead that was on his finger! 

I will just put in a plug that the Children's Hospital at Medical College of Georgia rocks!!!  All of the staff is wonderful!  Everything is centered around the child and what works for them and their family.  BIG shout out to MCG!!

I am fully aware that I have neglected to post the last month- we have been a little busy.  Getting back into the school routine, basketball started,  gymnastics is in full competetion mode, and we had a birthday in there as well!  I hope to finish the birthday pictures and post soon.  I should have posted on the actual birthday, but alas- life happens. 

Also a big shout out and thank you to my blog and IRL (in real life) friend Joy, for Facebooking(?) me to let me know that she was missing my blog posts!  It was a blessing that someone noticed!!  hee hee


  1. So glad you posted today! I love your blog and I missed you! :)

    So glad he's doing great!

  2. OMW! I had that surgery when I was 8! I now have a teeny tiny smiley face under my belly button... :)

  3. What did his outie look like before he had the surgery?? I've never seen one before. Glad that the surgery went well.

  4. ha ha... love how kids can enjoy the benefits you know?!! =) Glad he is doing well! He'll like that innie later in life! ;) I have not been around in a while... I get lost in this giant land!! Blessings!! Enjoy that lovely weather... SO jealous!


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