Saturday, October 16, 2010

Just "awe"some

Tonight I experienced something awesome.  I was in an arena with a thousand of my closest friends other people united in one goal- to glorify God.  Don't get me wrong, I have fellowshipped with others before and came away refreshed, but this was a little different.  This was a concert.

I have been to concerts before, I love concerts.  I posted about my last concert here.  It was a blast and the music also glorified God, but it was more of a show than what tonight was.  Tonight was not an audience watching and enjoying, but collectively being a part of something bigger than the concert itself.

This guy???  

He pretty much rocks the praise and worship music.  He has a gift that is unreal.  The bible says that "out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks."  I am in awe of the heart of this man.  If you aren't familiar with his face, I am pretty sure that you have heard his name- Chris Tomlin.

The concert was awesome, but not because the stage and lighting were fabulous.  Not because he danced and put on a great show.  No, it was awesome because he made sure that the focus of the night was put on the only one worthy.  At one point I looked around the arena to just take in the sight:  the gathering of so many different walks of life coming together as one- one faith, one heart, to give glory to the One.  I wondered if all of his concerts were just as moving and raw as this one.  Regardless- I felt the presence of God and I was in awe.

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  1. Hi, Mrs. Aundrea!
    This is Hannah Grace, from Calvary Chapel. I'm glad that I re-discovered your blog; it's been nice reading the past couple posts and seeing what y'all have been doing. :-)
    That is SO great that you got to go to a Chris Tomlin concert!!

    Have a nice day,
    ~Hannah Grace E.


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