Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October 11, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday!!

I can't believe its been 9 years already.  Sigh.  Yes, this guy is ALL BOY (and then some), loud, talkative, and keep us on our toes.  But this young man is also the most loveable, sweet, sensitive, and caring thing ever!!  From the time he was born, this guy has taken us on many adventures that most parents don't even realize exist.  I still say that he should glow-in-the-dark with as many times as he has had x-rays! 

This picture was taken yesteday morning.  I only wish I could scan in his baby picture.  He used to be so fat, but now is tall and skinny.  What has not changed is the smile.  I don't think it EVER leaves his face.

Saying that the Lord blessed us with this child just doesn't even begin to adequately describe how we feel.

Happy Birthday, T, we love you so much!!


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