Saturday, September 18, 2010

9.12.2010 - part 2

Watching my two oldest children getting baptized was a special moment for this mom.  It made me quite thankful for my own upbringing and the example of godly living from my own parents.  To be able to have this as a legacy to be passed on just leaves me with speechless praise to God.

As you may have noticed from the pictures from the last post, I too was baptized.  As a child, I was "sprinkled".  All these years later, it has never really crossed my mind that I had never been immersed.  While talking to my kids about baptism and what it is and means, "A" excitedly asked me how old I was when I was"dunked" (her words).  Guess what?  I couldn't answer her.  I explained how I was sprinkled and that some denominations practice this, but that just didn't feel right with me.  We do not practice this with our kids.  When they are babies they are dedicated to the Lord before the church, but not sprinkled.  So I decided that I would just join in the fun and "get dunked" as my kids say, right along with them!  I am so glad I waited until now, because it was truly special.

Want to hear what made this day sooooo super special??  This guy:

I have known this "gentle"man all my life.  He was the single biggest factor in my personal walk with the Lord.  He is godly, strong, humble, hard-working, full of mercy, fair, soft, smart, tough but gentle man that loves his wife and children and is thankful for everyday he is given.  This is the man that was gracious enough to baptize me, my children, and my nieces and nephews.  We think its pretty cool that he was able to do this, but I can only imagine what is was like for him.

You see, the man above is my DAD. 

I can only dream of what this was like for him to be able to baptize the ones that are so dear to him.  The ones that he has spent so much time praying for and over.  Not just as a dad to my brother and I, but as a grandfather watching his grandkids grow, teaching them, and loving them in a whole new way.  I am so thankful that we are able to share this day with him and that because I still have two other children that will one day be baptized- we will get to do it again!



  1. :.) My Dad baptized my children also....I know how you feel. Love it.


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